Living out of a suitcase can make traveling a drag. Whether you’re trying to jam everything into a small suitcase or you’re going to meet the soon-to-be-in-laws for the first time and don’t know what to wear, packing is not easy. Here are a few tips to help you pack efficiently and make traveling a breeze

Use Quality LuggageHigh quality luggage is built to last, will maximize the storage room inside the bag, and navigate around airports effortlessly. You may also consider traveling with just “carry-ons”.  This option gives you easy access to your items, forces you to pack lighter, and will help you avoid long waits at the luggage pickup.

Pack from a ListBefore you put anything into the bag, make a packing list to organize your travels. That way you know what is absolutely necessary and nothing gets left behind.

Wear your Favorites. It might be tempting to pack frilly outfits or clothes meant for optimistic weather conditions. Don’t take a chance, plan ahead, and pack things you will actually wear. You know you are guilty…how many trips did you say to yourself “Why did I pack so many clothes??”  Instead, pack what you feel most comfortable in and bring layering outfits so that you can accommodate temperature shifts.  And remember, besides those opportune photo moments where you don’t want EVERY picture to look the same, its OK to recycle clothes on a trip.

Use Bags for Storage. Thin cloth bags can separate your shoes or delicate items from your clothes. Keep everything separated and clean.

Roll, don’t Fold. If you roll your clothing tightly you can avoid wrinkles and maximize space. The rolled items stack side by side across your suitcase and are easy to see, rather than having to sift through layers of flat, folded shirts.

Wear your Heaviest Clothes. Going on an Aspen Ski Trip with your new Beau?  You should wear the biggest shoes and jackets on the plane. In most cases it’s actually easier to carry an extra coat over your arm than to stuff it into your suitcase. Plus, you can roll it into a pillow on the plane and save room for the special outfits you plan to wear when your Prince takes you to romantic, candlelit dinners.